Fourth Ko-Fi Goal Reached!

Hitting the fourth and final goal for 2021 and hints of what will come for 2022.

Fourth Ko-Fi Goal Reached! Thank you!

We! Hit! GOAL!

That's right! We have hit our fourth goal! Not only did we hit it we SURPASSED it!

Which means not only is the fourth goal taken care of so are all of the expenses for 2021!


I suppose I could try for some coherence here but on the other hand I give you the counterpoint: Y'ALL DID IT! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

I know I've said it before but I'll keep saying it because it's true. Back in March when we moved the site away from you-know-where I added the option of paid subscriptions just in case anybody felt like helping out. I figured at best maybe a couple of bucks would come in. Which, given my limited income, would still have been huge.

Never did I imagine that enough money would've come in to cover the site hosting and everything else that goes into making this place run, making it look cool, getting the word out, and making it easier for me to do all this in spite of my disabilities.

Have I mentioned y'all rock? Because you do.

I'm sending this out to everyone and not just those with paid subscriptions or Ko-Fi Memberships because this truly could not have been done without everyone's support. I do mean it when I say that even something as simple as sharing the articles on Twitter and Facebook (am I supposed to call it Meta now?) is a significant help. It gets the word out, it gets more people reading and following the site, some of those people have gone on to support the site financially, that helps get the word out to more people, and on and on.

So thank you thank you THANK you to all of you.

As for what's next, now that the 2021 goals have been hit all money coming in will be applied to the expenses for 2022. I'll share more precise details about those expenses once I know them myself so everything stays nice and transparent. Paid subscribers and members who get the Behind the Scenes bonus content already know that I'm anticipating making some changes once a year has passed and I can evaluate which things will be added, which may go, and so on.

In general though I'm not expecting the totals to be hugely different. It's more like maybe one thing goes away or gets lower costs and then the amount we're now saving from that gets applied to something more useful to how the site has evolved. That kind of thing.

But that is for future TBQ Talks! Current TBQ Talks is basking in WE MET THE FREAKING GOAL! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

So again, thank you thank you thank you!

I'm going to go dance around in my living room now. Or at least do a triumphant squeal while sitting on my couch. One of those.

(Thank you!)


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