What’s All This Then?


Welcome to TBQ Talks by me, The Brat Queen. I'm a bi/pansexual disabled woman who likes to talk about pop culture, living with disability, history, current events, and life in general. You may notice how that ties in with the branding on the site. We call that synergy. Or, yanno, branding. But it's also true!

You should stick around and read if you enjoy any of the above topics. Or if you don't enjoy them and also do not like yourself very much and thus are looking for a place where you will be nothing but annoyed at what you force yourself to keep reading. I can promise to be very annoying at times. The "Brat" part of my name does not refer to sausages. (OR DOES IT?)

(No, it doesn't.)

My pronouns are she/her.

The adorable avatars of me and my pets were made by MadisonOliviaArt.

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